Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cartoon Games Dora the Explorer

Cartoon Games Dora the Explorer
sweet dora is an exceptional pirate, as a result of shes too sweet out to be pirate ! shes therefore happy that she discovered this abandoned ship, as a result of its full with toys and treasure ! when she returns out to her island, everybody will surely be therefore happy ! currently facilitate her playing with your mouse out to collect all this items !

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Cartoons are funny pictures that present the appearance of an event. People who make a cartoon called cartoonist. Several types of cartoons known today is editorial cartoons, gag cartoon, and comic strips. Editorial cartoon or political cartoon is usually intended to express political views or social satirical manner. Meanwhile, gag cartoon is meant to be funny without being sarcastic. Is a comic strip cartoons in the form of short comics. Cartoons can also be used as an illustration, for example, in books, magazines, or greeting cards. In addition, the cartoon is also grown in other media, the movies, and is known as animation.
cartoon animation dance

Cartoon Animation

Hello friends, in this post I want to share some cool cartoon animation moves. I hope you will like it.
cartoon animation horse

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to make a photo into a cartoon

How to make a photo into a cartoon can be done with the help of software eg adobe photoshop image editor. But require special skills to operate the software. For those who are less adept at using tools like photoshop and corel draw, you do not need to worry because there is an online tool that we can use to edit images with a variety of effects and the end result is no less than photoshop.

How to make a photo into a cartoon
How to make a photo into a cartoon can be done in 2 ways: offline and online. If you want to use offline methods then you should download PhotoShine or software like Photoscape first and then install it on the computer. Because if mengguanakan offline manner quite complicated, so I recommend using the online method is by visiting

BeFunky is an online image editor application was complete and easy to use. We just need to upload a photo, choose the desired effect, then in an instant we will have a new photo much better than before in the edit.

How to make a photo become a cartoon
  • Open
  • Click start having fun
  • Wait until the loading process is complete.
  • Then there will be a command to upload photos. Click on my computer and select the image you edit and select uploads
  • For how to make photographs into cartoons, on the menu on the left
  • please select the option artsy> cartoonizer> cartoonizer 4> apply.
  • Wait for the process to complete.
  • To save the picture select save & share.

For those of you who are less proficient in the use of image processing software like photoshop and corel draw and then you can use to make a photo into a cartoon online is easier with BeFunky. However, you should try to edit myself because in addition to increasing knowledge will also make image processing skills yourself increasing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A girl turned into a Japanese cartoon character

With purple hair, eyes glazed unique, and her style is feminist Anastasiya Shpagina been turned into a Japanese cartoon character. At first glance, this Ukrainian girl does not look like a man, his face has a three-dimensional element.

The 19-year-old girl is a fan of Japanese anime or cartoon. Shpagina also has a Japanese name, Fukkacumi.

As is known, anime characters have eyes and heads that are large and out of proportion with her ​​body. Shpagina directly on a diet to make body lean, so it really looks like a cartoon character.

Shpagina spend 30 minutes struggling eye makeup and face. However, several reports suggest that, Shpagina run operation to make her eyes look big. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (01/10/2012).

She had 10 thousand fans on Facebook and an active social networking uploading Youtube videos on the site to show to the public, how to apply makeup to look like an anime character. Video uploaded Shpagina also been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Shpagina not the first girl desperate to modify his appearance to a cartoon character. A girl from the United States Dakota Rose or City Koti also have done that. But Rose transformed himself into a Barbie doll