Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to Make a Cartoon Movie

Many young Africans passionate drawing, watching foreign animated Déssin that usually spread our local TV wonder "how leaders manage to move the drawings." I've left when I was about 7 years. I asked myself the same question and I was asking about me or just talk I enttendais. One gave very superficial answers to the question and it was not until 14 years I knew about how it worked in 16 years that I actually knew how it worked in 2D, from the beginning to modern times. In order to remedy this appalling lack of information on the topic here, this thread is created. And all our brothers who knew nothing of creating a cartoon through here may have satisfactiction.
how to make cartoon movie
I will make my contribution plustard. But in the meantime you can prepare a course based on your experience p'tit

First to manufacture a cartoon drawing is a non négligeble asset. Here the principle in order to realize a small animation.
We avon:

1) an idea that will be the theme of the film.

2) Synopsis: which is a brief summary of the basic idea, that succinctly describes the action.

3) The scenario: Who takes the ideas contained in the synopsis, the order is either episodes sequences, the sequences are developed in a chronological sequence that will be detailed in the next stage of implementation. The same scenario must make clear the situation changes and the role played by the characters. It must also determine in what settings and environments in which the action takes place.

4) The creation of characters and gadjets etc ...

5) The storyboard: which is a very important step before the start of the manufacturing drawings for the film. It contains drawings in small frames with an indication of the duration of each of the plans provided, camera movements, the mood of the scene, the atmosphere ...

6) The audio recording of the dialogues of the film actors

7) Production: This step is the most difficult because it must make succesions design for a fluid motion, 12 frames per second is not bad for a start but great studuos that many staff are at 24 frames per second. And sets are also fabiqué by landscapers.

Cool The scanning: all designs are digitized using a scanner and then processed in a photo editing software, I suggest Adobe Photoshop

9) Animation: After the coloring phase, the drawings are exported in an animation software I use Animationshop, and I made an animated GIF file in.

10) Compositing: in this phase I in any compositing software sets that I associated with the characters from the storyboard and I render to AVI.

11) Mounting: In Adobe Premiere to import Rushe scene after scene after the storyboard for editing. Some transitions and synchronization with the pre-recorded with a sound engineer, who composed the music for the film dialogues.

12) The final result: the movie is exported in two forms, one with sound and one without the sound dubbing in other languages.

Basically that's how I proceed for making my cartoons. Before long I'd put in a full line of an animated sequence with its release.


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