Thursday, June 27, 2013

How to create your own cartoon? Easy with Synfig!

Ahaaa... this is a find that I am sure will please you!

This is Roman, aka Crep4ever who sent me ... It is a free software called Synfig and allows for "production of vector animations."

What does that mean? And of course this little app will allow you to be the next Walt Disney (or Matt Groening, this is your choice) by creating your own cartoons. Terrrrible!

there are many 2D animation apps that cost a kidney each time (ktoon actually is open source, Anime Studio, iMove) and ensures there or Synfig is he offers so much! Its interface is similar to that of Gimp and configurable system layers will do wonders in rotoscoping, cut-outs or vector drawing ... (do not ask me more)

Here are some screenshots of the interface:
cartoon creator

And a small compilation of drawings and animations with Synfig:

It runs on Linux, MacOSX and even Windows!

You will find here Synfig with other examples

Again thank you for this beautiful Roman discovery!

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